Grace and peace be with you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
2020 & 2021 have been challenging years for all churches.   Many were in decline prior to the pandemic and are facing the challenge of simply trying to keep the doors open one more week. During this time, Lischey’s has welcomed 7 new members.  We had a confirmation class and welcomed 4 young people into membership with 100 in attendance on Pentecost Sunday. Last month, we celebrated the Children’s Sabbath.  We had over 16 children and their families here.  People were saying, “Where did all the children come from?”  Children attract other children.  We continue to offer Sunday School and Vacation Bible School which other churches have abandoned due to lack of numbers.  We have had family events such as Messy Church and Trick or Trunk.
For the past two summers, we have had an outdoor service in addition to the 10:30 service.  We enhanced our outdoor speaker system in order to do this. Last Sunday, we had a marvelous tribute to Veterans.  Something few churches do anymore.  We have become, what is called a hybrid church – worshipping in person and via the internet and we have no real idea how many people we are reaching. Members and families have made significant contributions to enhance our ministry through the AV system and the carillon. And this year, we will be offering two Christmas Eve services:  one at 4 PM designed for families and one at 7 PM. More details on that below.
 As you consider the mission, outreach, and worship opportunities we have sustained and increased, Lischey’s has shown it is a church that can continue to flourish and grow.
In the peace of Christ,  
Larry Spangler, Council President of St. Peter’s Lischey’s